Friday, April 20, 2012

Drink of the Week: Guide to Buy Alcohol

I found this on the Real Simple Magazine website and thought it was handy and informative. It is a quick guide for the best premium and bargain liquors. Head here to check the article out.


  • Premium: Beefeater
  • Bargain: Gordon's

Rum (Light)

  • Premium: Bacardi
  • Bargain: Castillo


  • Premium: Belvedere
  • Bargain: Smirnoff

Scotch (Blended)

  • Premium:Dewar's
  • Bargain: White Horse


  • Premium: Porfidio
  • Bargain: Sauza Hornitos, Jose Cuervo


  • Premium: Maker's Mark
  • Bargain: Old Forester
 (All information is from


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